"I started to learn about homeopathy out of desperation since
traditional medicine only gave a temporary relief. As I came to
realise alternative homeopathic medicine treats the whole person from
within and not just the symptoms of an illness. Since then my overall
health condition has improved tremendously!

I would like to thank Mina for all her hard work, professionalism,
skills and the ability to select the best personal remedy. She has
always accompanied me in my healing journey!

I’ve become less anxious, self-conscious, oversensitive or depressed.
The list goes on and on with the things Mina has already helped me
with and under her care I regained clear thinking and began to
understand myself much better.

Mina is easy to talk to and share thoughts, she is always accessible
and willing to listen, she has empathy, deep knowledge and
understanding of people! I would highly recommend Mina and her services!”
Miss A.D, Hong Kong Jan 2020

"Two years ago I suffered my first panic attack and was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder.
My therapist recommended the use of homeopathic medicine to support my recovery as a substitute for anxiety medications and referred me to Mina.
Since then Mina’s help, care, patience and understanding have greatly aided my recovery and today I lead a stable and happy life.
Mina has treated my insomnia successfully and thanks to homeopathy I enjoy confident and relaxing sleep each night.
We have also used homeopathic medicine to manage the physical side effects of anxiety effectively.
Homeopathy has been a bridge to my recovery and supported me as I made the necessary changes in my life.
If you have found your way to Mina, you are in good hands and I wish you well on your journey back to wellness."

GS, Central, HK Nov 2018

GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease/Acid Reflux)
I am at a complete loss as to why my health has taken a turn for the better.
I have suffered from GERD for nearly 25 years, trying to control it with a combination of the occasional use of chemicals, proton pump inhibitors and not eating many of the foods I really like. Chocolate, melted cheese, pineapples, coffee, etc..
Two weeks ago you have me a bag of tablets, almost dust, of which I have only take one in the manner proscribed.
After three very unpleasant days of reflux my situation has improved dramatically.
I even had my first pizza for many years without a hint of a problem.
The reason I am unable to understand this improvement is because I understood that this is a mechanical problem with the sphincter at the entrance to my stomach. Doctors often offer to place a band around the sphincter to keep it partially closed.
So it is with my deepest gratitude and respect for you and your profession that I appreciate the previous two weeks of normal life.
Long may it last!” 21 Mar 2019

And progress continues:-
"What to say. First, I haven't taken anymore Nux vomica.
I have had two or three bouts of mild reflux, that maybe just regular indigestion?
I am sleeping 6 or 7 hours a night plus 1 or 2 after lunch most days.
Chocolate is still off my menu and 2 of my bouts followed eating cheese in the evening. I seem to be ok eating medium spicy food.
I have been exercising about 30 mins rowing four times a week and have lost 3 kg since the beginning of May.
Thank you again and again for your magic, I am no longer amazed, just very happy to be well again.”

WW Phuket 25 May 19

"Think homeopathy only works on children and pets? Think again! And I know an amazing homeopath right here on South Lantau (and Central)! Mina has personally helped me with my perimenopausal symptoms, so I can highly recommend her.
Thank you my dear.”

Dee S Lantau
September 2016

"My depression problem started about thirty years ago and it hit me several times. Every time I consulted my psychiatric doctor, he prescribed me some medicine/anti-depressant and I recovered thereafter periodically, but my moods have been fluctuating and fragile.
This illness hit me again last year in great extent due to some big life changes and events. I saw my psychiatric doctor, but this time the medicine did not help. One of my friends suggested to me to consult Ms Mina. Weight, who is a Registered Homeopath at IMI. On the first visit Mina did a very thorough investigation on the history of my problem and understanding of my daily practices, then she prescribed a homeopathic remedy to me. Whenever necessary I emailed and updated her about my condition and she gave me advice on what to do with the remedy. Mina is very supportive indeed. My condition gradually improved thereafter without any side effects. After several visits to her my depression problem was remedied. I am happy to conclude that homeopathic treatment done by Mina could give me a full recovery and I am very grateful to her.
Finally I would say it is indeed a very good alternative to conventional treatment with drugs and Mina Weight is an expert in dealing with depression problem."

January 2015

"Before seeing Mina, I had quite persistent reflux for over 20 years. Symptoms such as feeling bloated, tired, burning feeling in my throat and pains in the stomach that would sometimes bring about vomiting for several hours. It was really getting bad and affecting my quality of life. I had the relevant tests done and was recommended medication to take for a period of 2 months. When I was off the medication I felt worse. My episodes were more frequent and the medication had made other health issues deteriorate. I was frustrated with the options available from my doctor. I wanted to treat this condition in a holistic way.
Since working with Mina, 80% - 90% of my symptoms are gone! Hallelujah! Mina is very detailed and methodical in our sessions. Because of this, she was able to find the right remedy first go. She has been available for questions I had in between sessions, which I really appreciate. It feels so good to be feeling good again!"

Sarah, Aug 2016 Hong Kong."

I have rarely come across such an astute and emphathetic homeopath such as Mina. She picked up on my remedy almost immediately and within days I was bouncing and had more energy than I had in years. MIna was responsive and most of all empathetic. Anytime I had a query or slight setback she was there on email with me guiding me and listening to me without fail and without judgement. Couldn't ask for better in my opinion. She is truly special and clearly very good at what she does. I highly recommend a consultation with Mina."

Neeta D.
October 2014

"I have 2 daughters aged 4 & 7, and whenever I or the kids have suffered from coughs and colds we have gone to Mina for Homeopathy. The remedies have really helped ~ my kids have not had to consult the doctor or be on antibiotics like a lot of my friends’ children. We would always try Homeopathy first before going to the doctor."

Mrs H, Big Wave Bay
October 2012

"My son was diagnosed with a rare lung condition when he was 3 weeks old. The lung did not develop correctly, causing extreme shortness of breath. He has now had an operation to remove 2/3 of his diseased lung which has dramatically improved his condition but as a result he does often suffer from a weak chest when it comes to colds and flu. In the past we have had to use a Ventolin inhaler and nebulizer to help him to breathe.
For almost a year now we have used homoeopathic remedies at the onset of a cold to help reduce the chance of the infection going to his chest - I am happy to say so far so good. As we have seen our fair share of doctors in our son's first years we always look to alternative, homoeopathic remedies before visiting the GP!"

Mrs L, South Side
September 2012

"Words cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you've done with K. Her eczema is starting to clear despite eating her trigger foods. I've referred several friends to you and know they will also have a lovely experience. Thank you again."

Mrs J, Tai Tam
January 2013

"Homeopathy is always our first port of call. We have been using it since the birth of my 2 children and I have used it myself for over 15 years. It is a fantastic alternative to conventional medicine as it is non- toxic and does not pollute or harm children’s bodies. We have had much success with homeopathy to treat colds, flu, teething, ear infections, fever and making sure chicken pox passes without incident. The children only really know homeopathy and its so easy to take and so effective we rarely need anything else. My husband and I both suffer from non life threatening Chronic health conditions and they are managed beautifully by homeopathy, there is no acceleration of symptoms and life goes on as normal. When we moved to HK I was terrified that we would not be able to get homeopathic treatment here and thankfully I was wrong. "

Mrs A, Tai Tam
September 2012