Homeopathy ~ FAQs

How much does it cost?
Fees vary from Integrated Medical Institute, Central (https://www.imi.com.hk) to my clinic on South Lantau.

Adult 1st appointment (70 mins) - HK$1200-1400
Follow up appointment (30 mins) - HK$700-800

Packages - by Zoom or in person on South Lantau -
Adult inclusive 1st appointment and 2 follow ups: HK$2210 (15%discount)

NB Follow up appointments are generally 4 weeks apart depending on symptoms and must be attended within 6 months of the first appointment .This is to ensure that the prescription is adapted according to the patient’s needs.

New pricing for Children
Under 4 years: 1st appointment (45 mins) - HK$800-900
Package 1st appointment plus 2 follow ups: - HK$1870 (15% discount)

Under 12 years: 1st appointment (60mins) - HK$1000-1200)
Package 1st appointment plus 2 follow ups: - HK$2040 (15% discount)

ALL Follow up appointments (30 mins) - HK$700-800
Fees exclude Homeopathic medicine.

Family packages can be provided on request.

Homeopathic medicine is not expensive.
A small bottle of pillules from IMI Dispensary currently costs HK$80.
A packet of remedies from my home clinic currently HK$50.
All Homeopathic remedies are sourced from Helios Pharmacy, Tunbridge Wells, UK.

Low wage/Unemployed
Sympathetic consideration will be given to all requests.

Is Homeopathy covered by Private Medical Insurance?
Compared to 10 years ago many more insurance companies now cover Homeopathy. Please check with your Medical Insurance provider.

Before Your Appointment
You need to complete my questionnaire as fully and accurately as possible.
You can download the questionnaire here and complete it offline. At a later stage, the questionnaire may be available online for you to complete.
Your answers help to build up a complete picture of your symptoms and you as an individual which assists in researching the correct prescription.

The First Appointment
The first appointment takes about 70 minutes.
It helps if patients are observant and sensitive to their bodies recording before the appointment when the symptoms started and if there is anything that helps the particular symptom. Also note any changes to your mood, energy, diet and appetite and other bodily functions. Once I have all the information I can analyse your case and provide you with the Homeopathic prescription. In complicated chronic cases further time may be required to prescribe.

Acute Symptoms
Homeopathy can work quickly and effectively to help with acute illnesses.
All details of the acute illness from how it started to what makes the symptoms better or worse will be required.
The Homeopathic medication can help the body to recover from the acute more quickly especially in the case of secondary infections.

Chronic Symptoms
It is highly recommended that once you have recovered from an acute illness you return to have your individual remedy prescribed for any chronic problems. This “constitutional remedy"will help to rebalance your whole system, boost your immunity and energy, and help to prevent further illness.

How Frequently will I need to see the Homeopath?
Follow ups are arranged for chronic problems once every 3-4 weeks and for acute problems more frequently if the problem persists.
It is important to attend so that progress can be monitored, and remedies changed.
Once symptoms are much better and health is stable, follow ups may only be needed once or twice yearly.

Any questions during your treatment?
I can be contacted by phone, text or email if any questions arise during treatment.
For medical emergencies contact your general medical practitioner or attend your local hospital outpatients’ department.

How soon will I feel better?
Positive reactions to the correct remedy can be felt quickly depending on your metabolism and how long you have suffered from the symptoms.

Sometimes, the day after taking a remedy, patients feel more tired than usual or they may experience some of their symptoms return for a short time. This is a good sign, since it is showing the remedy has created a reaction within your body and is in the process of resetting or healing itself. Expect to feel much better one or two days after this.

If however there is no change to your symptoms after 1 week to 10 days the prescription may have been incorrect. The choice of the remedy is critical and if it is not correct no improvement will occur. You should then contact your Homeopath for further advice.

How do you Choose the Correct Remedy?
This is done by researching our repertories or dictionaries of symptoms, which contain detailed records of symptoms produced in healthy individuals when given a particular remedy.
Provings as they are known, have been recorded for hundreds of years and new provings of new remedies are continually being added to the repertories.

History of Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann, (1755-1843) a German physician and chemist from Leipzig, established the fundamental principles of the science and art of Homeopathy.

When he became disillusioned with the crude medical methods of his day he turned to translating to earn a living. While translating William Cullen's Lectures on the Materia medica into German he became intrigued with the theory that Cinchona Bark , (a Peruvian plant which is now the basis for the production of quinine), was a cure for malaria.

He experimented with this herb taking it himself , which resulted in him developing a fever, chills and headaches similar to the symptoms of Malaria. Hahnemann then developed a process of serial dilution and succession (vigorous shaking) between each dilution, to make Cinchona Bark into a medicine which was both effective and safe. Homeopathic pharmacies still use his methodology of manufacture today.

From then on Hahnemann's life work was to test more than 2000 substances of many naturally occuring substances and carefully record the results. From this was born the science, philosophy and art of Homeopathic Medicine.